New year’s resolutions

If you could get a local government official to make (and keep)  a new year’s resolution what would it be?

We deserve better


15 Responses to New year’s resolutions

  1. John Hogan says:

    Be honest.


  2. Tom Busch says:

    Don’t run for office next time.


  3. Telling like it is says:

    Once they get in there. . . . they owe everyone “favors” so it would be impossible for them to carry out any campaign promises or “Do the right thing.”
    In the DNA services . .Ancestry dot com and 23andme dot com, tells how all Hispanics in Mexico are related and they are all cousins, so
    WHAT do you think is gonna happen, once they get in there ?

    Most of the time, that’s what’s on the el paso city council.
    Or. . . they are married to Hispanics.
    All cousins.

    Groups of people stick together.
    They vote similarly.
    They vote for “family members.”, and/or their proposals.

    FACT: 90% of blacks in the USA that voted, voted for Obama.
    Same thing.

    The pressure to vote like “family members” is great.

    Also, most of the time the male elected representative HAS to do whatever the female spouse wants.
    So when you vote for a Congressman, or local representative, you are voting for the spouse.

    Heard at the Representatives kitchen table. . . .
    “If you vote for “such and such” . . . you might as well get a hotel room, cause you’re not coming home,” . . etc.

    That’s why nationally, you see completely seemingly sane Congressmen voting irrationally.
    (Then, you look at their wives. . .Oh, yes, many times the wife is of the opposite political party.)


  4. John Dungan says:



  5. Rod Fender says:

    Control spending and lower property taxes


  6. Dan Wever says:

    POTUS Keep your tweeter in your pants!


  7. Anonymous says:

    STOP waste, spending, tax increases, FABRICATING, INFLATING home “Values”. Give any tax CUTS to the PEOPLE, not big business, Developers, “Friends, Family”. Oh and stop LYING. Realizing of course that LYING is just “Normal, acceptable” to politicians here in El Taxo..


  8. Anonymous says:

    Stop frivolous spending.


  9. Jerry Kurtyka says:

    Stop shoveling taxpayer money into the pockets of billionaire donors and developers.


  10. The Raging Chihuahua says:

    That they’re going to balance the budget and if they can’t, they won’t seek re election and will never run for another office.


    • Anonymous says:

      But in El Taxo that is just what, who they are. PROFESSIONAL, career politicians. They move office to office, chair to chair. THEY don’t have actual JOBS, like US. THEY increase OUR taxes, home “values”, fees, etc. The people that do matter to them, put money in their pockets and get favors, influence from THEM. THEY need, want, must have a “position” where they can lie. deny, deceive US “stupid, ignorant peons”. Inherent public corruption in El Taxo. None of THEM ever make life better for US, not their “Job”..


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